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What Makes Our Program Special?

  • Is it the countless hours we put into our puppies? Our extensive desensitization/socialization protocol begins at just 3 days of age! By 3 weeks they are introduced to designated potty areas which tremendously encourages house training and a tidy pup. Following that, puppies begin group impulse training at least once daily and then individually coached at least twice daily until they leave our home. (This is just scratching the surface; our program utilizes Puppy Culture and Zak George's positive-reinforcement-only training approaches)
  • Could it be that our whole family is involved? Our 5 children are such an amazing socialization resource for our program!
  • Is it the fact that our Pup Parents receive the best health and genetic testing available to guarantee puppies do not inherit breed specific diseases? We utilize PennHip, OFA, Animal Genetics & Embark to determine these results. 
  • It may be the approach we take to identify every individual puppy's specific coat-type! Shortly after birth, each puppy is carefully DNA tested to determine their shedding probability and whether they will have a straight, wavy or curly coat! Invaluable information for those suffering from dog dander allergies!! 
  • Possibly, it's the personal and immensely thoughtful approach we take to ensure our puppies get matched with their perfect family. We start the application process by getting to know each other! I will ask questions and LISTEN to your needs & wants to confirm we can provide what you're looking for.
  • Perhaps it's the amount of research we do in order to provide the best up-to-date training possible for their development? I am continuously and eagerly expanding my knowledge on dog behavior and breeding practices. I have over 25 years of dog training experience!

      We'll let you decide!

A Glimpse Into Our Program 

Our puppies are handled shortly after birth; weighed, identified and then LOVED ON! We believe that early interaction is key to a successful companion dog. It helps to develop that strong animal to human bond as they learn to trust and enjoy the company of us two-legged-beings. They are born and raised, under-foot of myself, my husband and our five children. They are also introduced to our poultry/waterfowl; as well as goats, cats and other dogs! They will experience water play and country livin' at it's best here on our homestead.
We start off with health tested and certified parents! Hips and elbows are examined and certified free of degenerative bone diseases and dysplasia's by radiographs submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) as well as PennHip. They are also genetically tested using DNA samples through Embark and/or Animal Genetics, to rule out any inheritable skin, eye, heart and neurological diseases. Patellas are examined to be sure they're free of deformities. Eye's are given a thorough check up to eliminate the possibility of hereditary cataracts and blood tests are performed to rule out any thyroid abnormalities.
Starting within the first week of life, our puppies are put through a series of bio-sensory stimulation exercises. These help "jump-start" their nervous system. This specific type of stimulation, signals parts of the brain to engage that otherwise wouldn't naturally occur. Thus giving them a huge advantage into puppyhood and beyond!
Being a dog trainer/behaviorist & groomer; I understand the importance of a well socialized dog! After the 16th day of life the puppies begin environmental enrichment, where they are introduced to several new sounds, sights, smells and textures every day! This helps to ensure they reach their full potential. It also minimizes the risk of separation anxiety and teaches the puppies ways to self-soothe. They are also raised using Jane Killion's Puppy Culture; which is a lengthy series of exercises and techniques that fine tune many canine skills and prevent a lot of common, less-than-desirable behavior. We continue working with our puppies until they go to their new homes. We cuddle, groom, bathe, evaluate, coach, study and lovingly care for them during their entire stay with us. I want for my puppies to have experience with many strange and unusual scenarios so that they are better equipped for life in their new home. They will have a strong ability to adjust and accept all things that come their way! Whether it's babies, older children, other pets, loud environments, calm or crazy households; they will be ready to adapt.

Before puppies are selected for their new homes (around 7 weeks) they will have undergone formal behavioral evaluations. This is a series of personality tests and assessments that help determine the puppies strengths and weaknesses. It gives us great insight on the best training techniques for each individual puppy as well as any areas that may need fine tuned before they join their new family.
By 8 weeks our puppies will have been introduced to faux grooming, weekly nail trims, crate training; as well as basic manners (manding) and impulse control through clicker-conditioning; house training by use of designated potty areas and doggy doors! You will also receive your very own Puppy Training Packet to continue training your puppy the Shaw Spring's way at home! And of course, they visit our veterinarian at 8 weeks for their 1st set of vaccinations, wellness exam and Health Certificate.

Furthermore, puppies leave us with; 30 days of free-no-obligation pet insurance through Trupanion, two year health guarantee, microchip, Go-Home-Pack and lifetime breeder support!

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